Life is not like the sitcoms

I’ve been watching a couple of sitcoms on Netflix recently, Scrubs and How I Met Your Mother. Both are basically about relationships, friendship, and life in general. It’s a little interesting because the two shows have a lot in common. They are both narrated by the “main character” and oddly enough each story seems to have some kind of lesson that he reflects on at the end. But what gets to me as I finished watching the shows is how much the shows try and relate to real life, but upon closer examination, they aren’t like real life at all.

First they are all best friends and hang out almost every night for years and with all the life and job changes that occur in these shows, they all still find time to hang out all the time. They sometimes treat each other like garbage and rip each other’s hearts out, but in the end they are still close friends.

I guess what I’m getting to is too many people want life to be like the TV shows they watch, but problems aren’t always solved neatly, relationship can’t be repaired with one conversation (especially when trust is broken). Life takes more work, and the sooner we find out that life is not like the sitcoms, the sooner we can learn to engage in what life does have to offer. Don’t misunderstand me, I love watching sitcoms, but if life is lived right, it is way more interesting than any sitcom.

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