My Dream Vacations

I have two dream vacations.

First is number 8 on my Bucket List, the Bahamas. I love the beach: the feeling of warm sand in between your toes, listening to the calming tide rolling onto the shore, building crappy little sandcastles that are more like sand pillars. There is just something relaxing about it. So why the Bahamas? For starters it’s a bit more isolated because it is an island but it’s not super long plane ride to get there like most islands. Next is the heat, it is not as relenting as most island resorts, but still warmer than places further north. But in the end, I’m not sure why Bahamas over other places, maybe because it’s not a place that everyone wants to go, but it is still attractive enough to pique people’s interest when I mention it. Whatever the case maybe, the Bahamas aren’t really on my Bucket List but rather it’s on my Inevitable List, I will go there one day.

Second is recently added number 135 to my Bucket List, town hopping in Europe. Last summer I spent a month in England and an couple of days in Paris and I loved it. The culture in Europe is unbelievable and captivating. Every town in Europe I’ve been to seems to offer so much history that regardless of where you go, it’s interesting. I want to just hop on a train and visit Madrid, then get on another train and see Milan, then to Budapest, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Brussels, Berlin, Riga, Athens, Prague, etc., I could go on forever. I want to go so many places that there are no more places to stamp on my passport. Even if I only spend a day or two in each city, I would still see more than I could have ever imagined.

What is your dream vacation?


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