Groundhog Day

I love February 2. Not because I care about whether or not that silly little rodent sees his shadow or not. I love today because of a tradition I have done since I first bought the movie. Every Groundhog Day I watch Groundhog Day starring Bill Murray. I love this movie, but it get me thinking everytime I see it.

Do you feel like you’ve lived this day a hundred times before?

I think our lives are a closer reflection of Groundhog Day than any of us are willing to admit. Day in an day out, we get up, go to work, we eat at generally the same places, we come home and watch tv or just hang out with the same people talking about the same things.

I don’t think that Groundhog Day was trying to say that we are boring people that need to change every facet of our lives. But instead take a hard look at our lives and realize how much we are scared of leaving our comfort zone. How afraid of opening up and enjoying the simpler things in life. Taking the time to learn and do things, build deeper relationships with people, and live life more full.

I think that is the lesson we need to take from this movie. We have so much more time than we think than we do and if we try a little harder and learn to use it more wisely our lives will be richer and fuller than we could have ever hoped.


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