Lent 2012

I do Lent. No, I’m not Catholic. Yes, I know Jesus and his disciples never actually did Lent. But for me, this is something that I feel like brings me closer to God and a better understanding of sacrifice and what it means to depend on God. Even though I am not Catholic, I see the importance of a practice like Lent. I don’t do Lent because I’m suppose to, I don’t do Lent because others do it, and I don’t give up something frivolous just so I can do Lent. I carefully select what I give up and when I crave that thing, I try to focus on God instead. I know I picked the right thing when I have a hard time doing it.

The first thing I’m giving up will probably be the most difficult. Sports. I feel like I’m crazy for even considering this and that is probably why this is the perfect thing to give up. Luckily there are only three major events that will test me:
1) March Madness
2) NFL Draft
3) Beginning of the MLB Season

My only saving grace will be Sundays when I can celebrate and feast (Little known secret about Lent).

Second, I’m going to try and give up Facebook as well. As much as I’m on Twitter, I don’t just waste time on there. Facebook on the other hand, ends up being just a big time sink. I read the same statuses and see the same pictures over and over again. Sometimes I just park on the dashboard and wait for something interesting to be posted, which it rarely does.

I’m not saying Lent should be something that the entire church should do because I’ll be honest, Lent is not for everyone. But before you bash it for being a purely religious thing and not a Jesus thing- remember that for some people, Lent can be a meaningful worship experience that can draw them closer to God. Taking 40 days to sacrifice something in their lives helps prepare their hearts for Easter. Just sayin’.

Happy Fat Tuesday!


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