I saw the new Avengers movie on Sunday, it just might be the best superhero movie out yet. It’s up there with the first X-Men movie. Joss Whedon is something special and I’m glad after all these years of cult movies and TV shows (Firefly, Buffy, Angel, Dollhouse) he was able to get a more mainstream audience.

But, it got me to thinking: If I could chose, what one superpower would I want? A really difficult question to answer, there are so many cool ones out there.

-There is Captain America who is just plain superhuman. You’re not technically a freak, but you’re still better than everyone else at anything.
-Or what about Wolverine who can heal from any wounds.
-Who doesn’t want the ability to fly. Invisibility is another popular power.
-Mind reading sounds cool, but I think would end up being more of a curse.
-An interesting idea would be sublimation (that is where you transform into a gaseous state).
-Or what about Shape-shifting. That would creep people out.

In the end I think I would want to chose Telekinesis, the ability to move things with my mind.


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