Headphone Hole on Backpacks

Okay, so this is completely random, but I was at the library (don’t judge, that’s where all the cool people hang out) and I looked down at my bag and saw this:

If you can’t tell what it is, it is a hole for your headphones. Now, I’ve seen thing before (on more than one backpack, but never have really put anything though into it. But today, for some reason I started wondering, why is that there? Does anyone use that? It doesn’t even seem practical?

Does anyone put their MP3 play in their bag and run the cord for your headphones through there? Seriously, I want to know. Who does that?


2 thoughts on “Headphone Hole on Backpacks

  1. I only buy backpacks that have these access ports. It works perfect for my IV tubing when on the go. I only pull out the length I need, and because I don’t have excess tubing dragging on floor or geting caught and hooked on random things.

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