Brandon Jacobs get my respect

To preface this, I am not a Giants or 49ers fan. But I want to recognize and respect people who do the right thing and build others up. Brandon Jacobs is one of those people.

The story began with a 6 year-old who is a Giants and Jacobs fan. After he heard that Jacobs would no long be a Giant and his mother’s explain that it was “about money,” this 6 year-old emptied the contents of his piggy bank ($3.36) and sent to Jacobs in hope that he would remain with the Giants.

In defense of Brandon Jacobs, the circumstances of his departure from the Giants was not one of greed as (according to the article below) the mother implied. The Giants released Jacobs after a contract extension could not be reached which was how Jacobs became a free agent.

Jacobs response is one of class. Jacobs went out of his way to connect with this family.

I love the end of the article:

Jacobs also gave Armento [the boy] a $5 bill to refill his piggy bank.

“He had some interest in there just for being a good kid,” Jacobs said. “He’s worth a lot more than that $5 bill I gave him.”

Much respect to Jacobs. We need more athletes like this who take the responsibility of role-model seriously.

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