The $12 Story from the COTA

WARNING: Math involved

COTA stands for Circuit of the Americas. It is the new purpose built race track built outside of Austin. November 18 was the first Formula One race in the United States in 5 years and my dad and I were lucky enough to be able to go.

But I want to share an exchange with a vendor I had that weekend.

Sign clearly says: Soda $5. Water $4

I walk up to a drink vendor, “Hi, I’ll have a water and a Pepsi.”
Vendor pulls drinks out of cooler and places them on table. I had ner a 10 dollar bill. I pick up my drinks and wait for my change. Vendor puts ten in register, looks at me and says, “You have 2 more dollars, it’s 12?”
Confused, I look at sign again. Sign clearly says: Soda $5. Water $4.
I reply, “It says soda is five and water is four.”
She looks at me with a puzzled look. I can tell she is thinking real hard.
She finally says, “Did I do my math wrong?”
Yes. Yes you did. “Five plus four is nine.”
Vendor replies as she gets me my change, “I’m sorry, I’m really tired.”

I hope she doesn’t go to UT.


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