Dog the Bounty Hunter and Redemption

Duane 'Dog' Chapman in his office in Honolulu, Hawaii, America - 10 Jul 2006

I was recently able to catch a Dog the Bounty Hunter marathon on A&E the other day, and of course I had to watch it.

There is something pretty cool (in my opinion) that set him apart from other reality shows out there. If you’ve never seen the show before, Dog is a bounty hunter (obviously) and chases after fugitives that have skipped out on their court date or something similar after posting bond. Some of these people are into some bad stuff, but for the most part they have already been charged and arrested for whatever they did, where Dog and his crew come in is when bond is posted and they are back out on the streets and for one reason or another they don’t go to court, at this point these people once again become fugitives and Dog and his crew search and re-arrest the person.

After they find and capture their fugitive they take the time to talk some sense into them, Dog and his crew want to offer them a chance for some redemption in their lives. Dog has faced a barrage of tough times in his life and at key points has had times where someone needs to teach him a life lesson or has been offered a second chance to turn his life around. So being shown redemption and mercy is an important part of his job.

This is something that is often overlooked in life, not that people are given second chances or shown mercy, but what is overlooked is the source of that redemption. We ALL long for redemption in our lives- whether it relates to a broken family or relationship, or just a way that we can start anew. Nobody wants a family member to die while they are not on speaking terms or there is something that needs to be forgiven- in fact, it haunts many people. Or a person doesn’t want to get to a low point in their life and want a way out (or even just help) and not be offered this peace.

Christ came to redeem us all. Why? Because we all need to be redeemed and we can’t do it on our own. We are designed to crave this redemption, it is a deep seeded emotional need we have.

Because of this, I praise Dog and his crew for offering this hope to people. He is not perfect, he makes mistakes, but he knows he is not only in a better place but a better person now because he was helped and allowed Jesus to redeem his broken, hurting life. Now because of this, he knows that he can point people to Jesus and hopefully help change other people’s lives. All he does is takes the initiative, show them love, mercy, and gives them a chance to be redeemed.

So as someone who is in the ministry, I take this on as a challenge. There are people who are lost and needy in the world who are just WAITING for the chance for someone to show them redemption that Jesus Christ offers. You might be that person- the old cliche is that you might be the only Jesus people see, but it’s true. Many people who have rejected Christianity have not rejected Christ, but christians. That perception needs to change. Instead of judging and persecution, we need to show extraordinary love, mercy, and grace and remember that we were once broken and in need of redemption.

So go out there and be Jesus to someone. The world would be a better place.

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