Rangers 2, White Sox 5

Went to the game last night! First Rangers game I’ve been to this season.ballpark050113

We had some seats just on the right field foul line, they were fantastic! We were right next to the field and actually had a few foul ball hit our way (we only got one).

Unfortunately, my Rangers lost which now begins a losing streak for me :( This is the second loss in a row I’ve attended. I need to straighten this out and start seeing my Rangers win again!

Despite the loss, what mades this visit to the ballpark special was I got to take my friends from England, Fabian and Bex, to the game. It is the first time either of them have been to the States and so that of course means they need to see America’s past time in action.

That also meant that I needed to explain several things about the game to them! Haha! But that’s okay, they had to explain countless things to me when I was in England, I was just repaying the favor. I was impressed with how quick they picked things up, by the 4th inning they knew when to clap when to cheer (Although Bex had explained to me she has a pretty good grasp on the game because she had played on the Wii so many times! haha). But also my friend Fabian got a foul ball and instead of hoarding it for himself, passed it on to the family in front of us, I was quiet impressed with that level of foul ball etiquette he exhibited.

All in all, a great experience! I loved that I was able to share a game with them.

Fabian and Bex's first baseball game!
Fabian and Bex’s first baseball game!

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