RIP David

I posted something on facebook but never mentioned on the blog. On May 26, David Dreger, a friend of mine, that lived in Vancouver suddenly vanished. Yesterday the family released a statement that his body was found in a park north of Vancouver on the 20th (Thursday).

David Dreger was beter known to most people as Knuckles Dawson (His XBOX gamertag). He gained notoriety through the XBOX 360’s achievement system by earning an achievement a day for over a year. He was an inspiration to many people, strange if you think of it as just being video games, however XBOX Live is special in that it brings people together in a way that no other network does. Beating a tough level, earning those dreaded achievements, or sometimes just simply sharing a game together has a way of forming strong friendships.

I never met David personally, which may sound weird but is an ever increasing trend in this online world we live in, however we did play several XBOX games together online. When Bully was released in 2008, “Knuckles” and I basically played the whole game side-by-side, since it was only a one player game. Every night for about a week and a half we connected on XBL and chatted for hours until one of us called it quits for the night. We shared helpful hints, funny stories, and some laughs (especially when a glitch happened on my game that prevented me from getting an achievement).

My heart hurts for the family, no family should have to suffer through a period where a son and brother went missing, not knowing whether he was alive or not. My heart is also heavy for his close friends, from my experiences with him, he was a good guy that enjoyed what he did, enjoyed chatting about life (even with someone who is almost a stranger), and seemly always looked for the good in things. No words can describe the heartbreak that the family must be going through.

You’ll be missed David. I hope you find the peace you were looking for.



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