Thoughts on Reddit


They are a whole culture in it’s own. I’ve lurked around for about a year but haven’t really posted until recently. I find it fascinating and a cool place to discover things, including new perspectives.

But one thing that disappoints me about Reddit is the mob mentality and overall negativity. Sure you can say “What did I expect,” but the posters on reddit are not shy about sharing what they hate and if you disagree they will sling so many insults and so much hate you way until you disappear.

Will that stop me from using Reddit? Probably not, it helps knowing that going in so I can guard myself against that negativity. But secondly, I believe that the internet is a mission field. Instead of needing to go into world, the world as come to us with the internet. So personally feel I can make a difference for the Kingdom there. So whether it’s Reddit or another website you frequent, know that God calls us to minister and love to those people as well.

Happy Redditing.

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