No Lamborghini Commercials


I was recently convicted when I saw this image. Simple, yet effective, especially if you like spending all your free watching TV shows and movies. Now don’t get me wrong, I love Netflix and am not saying that it’s a waste of time and money to enjoy a good show or movie here or there. But, what I AM saying is this was meant to be entertainment and not a replacement for our lives.

This doesn’t just apply to TV either. Video Games, mobile games, facebook, twitter, You Tube – don’t you see that as screen time increases, life decreases. We rob ourselves of relationships because we a buried in our phones. We lose track of time because we are too busy playing games. We say up all night because we just want to see “one more” episode.

Now, most of us (myself included) are probably never going to be able to afford a Lamborghini (as much I would love one- Bucket List #80), but that doesn’t mean that we can’t learn an important life lesson.

Go and make something of the day. Laugh, create, learn, experience, love. Life was meant to be so much more than 8 hours of work, 8 hours of TV, go to bed, then rinse and repeat. There is so much life has to offer.

Who cares how long we live if we don’t do anything with our lives?


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