My Journey Begins

Today is my flight to England, there is a mix of excitement and nervousness. While I have taken three trips to England, not for four months. But while I am nervous about spending so much time across the pond, I am excited about the opportunity to share the gospel to the people of the Black Country.

Over the last week I have been participating in some pre-trip training in Denver with 9 other missionaries who have been called to serve all over Europe over the next year. It has been a pleasure to spend the last few days with these amazing people.

Below are a few pictures of the whole group who I have been in training with. Even though we were strangers on Monday and have only spent a few days together, the bonds and relationships that we have formed have already formed deep roots. The beginning of some life long friendships have formed.

I plan on sending regular monthly emails along with occasional on-off updates. In these emails, I will be sharing my ministry stories, celebrations, struggles, and prayer requests. If you would like to subscribe you can fill out the form at the bottom.

I am so grateful that I will have this experience and can’t wait to share it with all of you!

















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