Frank Underwood and Jesus


A show I love and am currently binging on is House of Cards. Yes it’s dark and has very adult themes, but it is a show I can’t stop watching. Great writing. Great acting. Great cinematography. It’s such a well made show.

There was something that happened this season (no spoilers) where Frank decided he wanted to talk to the local Bishop in DC about Justice. The Bishop was written very well, his theology was very sound and he shared the gospel in a very real way, sharing that the two most important commandments – love God, and love others.

Then Frank asked for some privacy so he could “pray.” But he started at the statue of Jesus and said something that shocked me.

“If love is what you’re selling, then I’m not buying.”

A scary quote and shocking because that is something I never even considered people would feel. I guess I should feel fortunate enough that love is something that is valued by the people in my circle, but my heart hurts that they are so closed off. Not only to God, but to people.

I know that the Holy Spirit draws people near and some people are farther from God and have a longer journey, but to deny something that I believe in deeply ingrained in human nature is hard for me to grasp.

Honestly I haven’t fully collected my thoughts, this was something that really impacted me though and wanted to share. Do any of you have thought on how to share the gospel to people with hardened hearts like this? I’d love to hear what you have to say.

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