If I Was Fearless…

This is not my idea. I wish I remember where it came from because I want to give proper credit. But this has helped me in the last couple of years as I’ve tried to navigate my future.

I bring it up because it’s something I am going to start doing again as I am approaching another crossroads in my life. It’s a simple journaling exercise that I do that has helped and I hope it can help you as well.


Take out a sheet of paper.

In the first column right down your dreams. What you wish could happen in your job, relationships, art, passion, or life.

In the second column write down the biggest fear you have about each dream.

In the third column, write down what’d you do next in going after that dream if that fear could be taken away.

The truth is you can’t take the fear away. But you can step through it. You can realize the fear only has the power to stop you to the degree you allow it. Courage is not letting the fear stop you anymore.

What would you do if you were fearless?

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