Number 122

Travel-suitcase_(1)Number 126 on my bucket list is to “Live out of one bag for an extended time”

Okay, so technically I’ve been living out of three bags. But the point of putting that particular thing on the bucket list was to challenge myself to live with less. It was to help me with my ongoing journey to being more minimalist (which I know I’ll never truly achieve). But at least for these four months during my mission I was able to live with less stuff.

Sure I have a storage unit back in the States full of stuff, but really those are just furnishings that are needed to live on your own. Furniture, cookware, flatware, some books, etc.

But I think the main thing I took away from this is realizing that all that other stuff is just excess, things we don’t need. The American dream says we need to get more, More, MORE!! But Jesus tells us, “I am enough.” And you know what? This period of living with less has helped me realized, I don’t need this stuff, and Jesus is enough.


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