The Book of Mormon!

IMG_3607Number 43 on my bucket list is to see a show on Broadway. While Broadway is in New York, the West End is in London and basically the same thing.

I’ve always enjoyed musicals and have always wanted to watch a professional show, so during my last trip into London, I decided I was going to watch a show, and I was not disappointed.

Being a fan of Southpark for so many years, I decided to see “The Book of Mormon.” It was extremely well written, well sung, well directed, and not to mention hilarious! (It didn’t hurt that it won the Tony Award for best musical in 2011)! It’s definitely not for the easily offended, but it’s commentary on the naivety of people and the sometime ridiculous things religion says and does to convert people. It was careful not to make fun of God or Jesus themselves, but instead focused its satire on the man made part of religion.

But that’s just for deep thinkers like myself. If you just want a good show with some good laughs, this is a show for you! Below is a view of the stage from my seat. I was in the balcony, but the seats were fantastic!

This definitely will not be the last time I go see a show. I just need to figure out which one I’m going to see next.



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