Why I Like Doctor Who

IMG_3520I’m no Whovian fanatic by any stretch of the imagination. But I do enjoy a good episode of Doctor Who every once in a while. Sure it’s not the biggest budgeted Sci-Fi show. Or the most realistic. Or even the best written. But there is something about that show.

I mention all this because on one of my adventures around London with the other GEM interns, we were able to find the TARDIS. Really it was just an old Police Call Box, but Doctor Who has changed that view in culture. It was fun to see it, of course I made the obligatory “It’s bigger on the inside” joke and then tried to pull the door open yelling for the Doctor to take me on an adventure.

Despite the fact that I’m not a super Whovian (like some people I know), there are some things about it that really speaks to me. There really is something special about the show. It’s the attitude and mentality of the Doctor. He shows us that there can be so much more to life, all we got to do is chase after it yelling “Allon-sy!” Or when things are scary, we should ignore that fear and jump right in yelling “Geronimo!” And then see and experience things that just make us say, “Fantastic!”

The world is giant place, waiting for you to experience it. Every place has something special to offer the world.


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