In 1501, in his studio in Florence, Italy, Michelangelo would stare at a block of marble. When asked, he said he was “working” but only stared at the marble for months. Three years later, that block of marble was the Statue of David. Michelangelo took time to craft a vision and imagine, what if? He then took that vision and create something beautiful and amazing.

Last September I had the opportunity to go on a family vacation with my parents to South Dakota in the Black Hills area. It was a beautiful area. Seeing God’s creation in all it’s beauty, barely touched by human hands. We got to see the big rock formations, towering pine trees, roaming buffalo, and beautiful rolling hills. But the main attraction was the iconic Mount Rushmore.

Mount Rushmore was an awe-inspiring site. It’s one of those places that you’ve seen pictures and videos many times, but not able to take in the fullness of it’s majesty unless you are there in person. Seeing those faces of some of our best leaders to ever take the office that were carved in the rock was inspiring. It made me proud to be an American. It, also, made me realize that power and responsibility that is held by the person that is in the White House.

rushmoreBeforeBut what ended up striking me the most and I couldn’t keep my mind off the idea was the vision it took to create Mount Rushmore as we know it. In 1927 it was nothing more than a rock formation. The photo to the right shows what Mount Rushmore looked like before construction started in 1927. I look at this picture and wonder, “Okay, I want to create art on the side of that mount. Where do I start?” He had a completely blank canvas and had to craft a vision from nothing.

Version 2It took someone with an incredible vision of what it could become. To see a rock face and imagine a great . But what’s even greater was that what we see today was not what was originally imagined. To the left was what Borgglum (the sculptor) initially imagined and began working on in 1927. It was a HUGE vision.

Unfortunately he was never able to fully realize that vision, but what he created was still marvelous. Millions of people visit the monument every year!


Is there something in your life that requires a BIG vision in order to be amazing? Something that is right in front of you where all it takes is for you to dream big to become beautiful? Dream big because even if you don’t realize your full vision, you can still accomplish something great. BUT, what if you do accomplish your vision!


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