Bucket List

Ever since the movie “The Bucket List” came out, it seems like everyone and their dog has a bucket list. But I put mine on here so I can always be reminded of it. So I can always have my goals and ambitions in my life in front of me. We always be reminded and be striving for our dreams and ambitions, Jesus came to this world and said that he came so we can live life more abundantly. He wants us to enjoy life and have many experiences to create joyful memories.

So here it is, Gabe’s Bucket List. Always changing, always evolving.

1. Buy a motorcycle
2. gamble in Las Vegas [DONE]
3. visit all 50 states (28/50)
4. make a movie or TV series
5. write a book
6. drive a race car [DONE]
7. learn to give a great massage
8. visit the Bahamas
9. visit New York City
10. visit Scotland [DONE]
11. Visit England
12. visit stonehenge [DONE]
13. visit Australia
14. visit Spain
15. go on an African safari
16. go on a Carribbian cruise
17. go on an Alaskan cruise
18. visit the remains of the Berlin Wall
19. attend the Rose Bowl
20. stand on the roof of the Empire State Building
21. go bungee jumping
22. scuba dive off the Great Barrier reef
23. visit Petra
24. Take a shower under a waterfall, cliff dive, and swim in its lake
25. ride the cable cars in San Francisco
26. ride a double decker in London [DONE]
27. go to Rio during Carnival
28. ride a gondola in Venice
29. attend the Indy 500
30. watch a NASCAR race at Bristol Motor Speedway
31. watch an F1 race at Monaco
32. play a round of golf on the Old Course at St. Andrews
33. play a round of golf at Pebble Beach
34. attend an association football (soccer) match in Europe [DONE]
35. cliff jump at Rick’s Cafe in Negril, Jamaica
36. get an article published in a magazine
37. be an extra or have a bit part in a movie
38. learn another language
39. be a play by play announcer for a sports game
40. find my true love and be married to her forever
41. unclutter my life and minimize my belongings
42. be on the deck of an aircraft carrier as a plane takes off
43. Attend a Broadway Show [West End, London]
44. watch a UFC fight Live
45. swim with a whale and/or a dolphin
46. go tornado chasing
47. get backstage passes to a concert
48. go deep sea fishing
49. Skydive, by my self (not tandem)
50. ride in a hot air balloon
51. learn to surf
52. go on a mission trip
53. write a comic
54. See a rocket launch live
55. eat New England Clam Chowder in New England
56. eat a Philly Cheesesteak in Philadelphia
57. eat a New York Style Pizza in New York
58. eat a Chicago Style pizza in Chicago
59. eat Belgian waffles in Belgium
60. Go hang-gliding
61. NaNoWriMo
62. have a potrait painted
63. Discover what “A Life Inspired” means to me
64. bring someone to Jesus
65. drive a hovercraft
66. paraglide
67. Teach English in a foreign country
68. go snowtubing
69. write a personal mission statement and follow it
70. go ice fishing
71. see the northern lights (Aurora Borealis)
72. watch a meteor shower
73. experience zero gravity
74. Attend a taping of Conan O’Brian
75. spend some time in a haunted place
76. swim in the largest swimming pool in the world
77. be in a boxing match
78. drive a Lamborghini
79. design my own tattoo
80. stay in an underwater hotel
81. attend a game at Texas stadium on Thanksgiving
82. experience a hurricane first hand
83. experience an earthquake
84. watch the sun rise and set (in the same day)
85. Do 100 pushups at once
86. stand in the oval office of the White house
87. See the Mona Lisa at the Louvre [DONE]
88. Name a star
89. ride and sleep on an overnight train
90. Go from Couch to 5k
91. see Old Faithful in action (live)
92. make a list of 50 books to read and read them (12/50)
93. help a church plant
94. build a habitat for humanity home
95. witness a solar eclipse
96. fly a plane and “dog fight”
97. explore underwater wreckage
98. eat Buffalo Wings in Buffalo
99. perform the ceremony at a friend’s wedding
100. learn to play craps [DONE]
101. attend a game at Wrigley Field
102. attend a game at Fenway Park
103. attend a LSU game at Death Valley
104. see a UT/OU game at the Cotton Bowl
105. Dark side of the Rainbow [DONE]
106. fly in first class
107. visit Sherwood Forest
108. Reach 88mph in a DeLorean DMC-12 and discover if time travel is possible
109. Complete the “300 Workout
110. The Princess Juliana International Airport Experience
111. View the White Cliffs of Dover [DONE]
112. Read the Bible, cover to cover, in a year.
113. See a show at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville
114. Go to a Jazz club in New Orleans’ French Quarter
115. Visit the Submerged Sculpture Park off the Coast of Cancun.
116. Watch a Sumo wrestling match in Japan
117. Go Zorbing
118. See a platypus
119. get a hole in one
120. Compete in a triathlon
121. Compete in a Mud Run
122. Live out of one bag for an extended time [DONE]
123. Firewalk
124. Be a part of a Flash Mob
125. See an erupting Volcano
126. Create a “Getaway” Backpack (I need to be ready for the zombie apocalypse)
127. Shoot a machine gun, fully automatic
128. Give a TED speech
129. Shoot a round of golf under 100
130. Complete something on my impossible list
131. Town hop in Europe
132. Running of the Bulls
133. Nurburgring Nordschleife, Germany
134. Hug a Koala
135. Drive on the Top Gear test track
136. Build a car
137. Dunk a basketball
138. See a Kangaroo
139. make a list of 50 people I want to meet and meet them! (0/50)
140. Play a TableTop game with Wil Wheaton
141. Play D&D with Matthew Mercer

Already Crossed off the Bucket List