When information is free and easily accessable

Learning in school SHOULD become less about the assimilation of knowledge and more about engaging and discovering answers to important questions. It’s about expanding beyond the classroom.

Why? Because we live in a time now where kids will grow up learning more from a portable device than from a classroom. Kids will learn WAY more from websites like Wikipedia than they will from a textbook. So why are we trying to teach children the same way we always have?

Critical thinking is more vital of a skill to have than memorization. Analysis of graphs, statistics and concepts are more important than being told how things are.

Thoughts on Reddit


They are a whole culture in it’s own. I’ve lurked around for about a year but haven’t really posted until recently. I find it fascinating and a cool place to discover things, including new perspectives.

But one thing that disappoints me about Reddit is the mob mentality and overall negativity. Sure you can say “What did I expect,” but the posters on reddit are not shy about sharing what they hate and if you disagree they will sling so many insults and so much hate you way until you disappear.

Will that stop me from using Reddit? Probably not, it helps knowing that going in so I can guard myself against that negativity. But secondly, I believe that the internet is a mission field. Instead of needing to go into world, the world as come to us with the internet. So personally feel I can make a difference for the Kingdom there. So whether it’s Reddit or another website you frequent, know that God calls us to minister and love to those people as well.

Happy Redditing.

The Great Experiment

For about a week now, I have been living on my own again. Due to life circumstances my roommate for the last two years is not able to continue as my roommate (So sad since it was great living with him). Since this has happened I’ve been trying to find a way to cut some costs here and there. In my eyes, one of the easiest ways to cut cost is to cut cable.

I don’t watch 255 channels. I don’t watch 100 channels. Heck, I barely watch 10 channels and every single show I watch regularly is on Hulu or their respective website. Along with Hulu, Netflix and ESPN3 also made my decision to cut cable much easier.

So begins the great experiment in my life. With things like land lines and paper books going by the wayside in my life, why can’t cable go with them as well?

Websites I visit regularly

Bing– for the daily picture, they are awesome to look at.
Google– default search engine, why anybody uses another is beyond me
Yahoo– for the random news stories on the front page
Facebook– Social media… can’t without it.
Twitter– Telling everyone what’s going on, 140 characters at a time.
ESPN– Gotta catch up on my teams!
YouTube– How does anyone go through a day without somehow finding their way onto YouTube for one reason or another?
StumbleUpon– I love the random stuff that can be found when exploring this site.
Pandora– the best internet radio site, ever.
Digg– This is how I get the majority of my news. I can find a story about anything on here.
g4tv– I usually only check out the AOTS show page. I like checking out the vids and the DVD and gadget reviews.