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Intersection Recap: Week 16

Speaker: Carlos Rousselin
Message in a sentence: There is not many ways to God, only one.
Main Passage: Colossians 2
Music Setlist: Here is Our King, Our God, Center
Attendance: Slightly Above Average
Service Length: 56 minutes

Element of Fun: One of our students did some filming with everyone in attendance for a video that will be shown on a later date.

Favorite Moment: The Band did fantastic last night. At FBCR we have a student-led band and it can sometimes be a hit or miss but they were the best they’ve been in a long time.

Up Next: no Intersection until Feb 9

Intersection Recap: Week 14

Speaker: Gabe Bernal
Message in a sentence: Jesus wants you make the most out this life. To live life abundantly.
Main Passage: John 10:10
Music Setlist: Marvelous Light, Mighty to Save, This is our God
Attendance: Average
Service Length: 63 minutes

Element of Fun: The game we played ended up being pretty fun, eating 7 saltine crackers in one minute. It’s funny watching teenagers try to stuff 7 crackers in their mouths as fast as they can.

Favorite Moment: Afterwards, when several of the students came to me saying that my message struck a chord in their life. It’s nice to know that God has been able to make an impact in others through my messages. That has been something I have been working on a lot over the past year.

Up Next: Carlos Rousellin

Intersection Recap: Week 12

Speaker: Randy Johnson, the Student Minister
Message in a sentence: Remain Faithful in the Lord
Main Passage: Philippians 3:12-14
Music Setlist: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, O Praise Him, Jesus is the Lord
Attendance: Average
Service Length: 60 minutes

Element of Fun: Played the Trash Can game which is always a favorite, and a great clip from Conan, Oprah gives Bees!

Favorite Moment: Afterwards, we had cake for my birthday and they all signed a card for me! I love my kids so much!

Up Next: No Intersection, there is a church wide-rehearsal for our Christmas show next Wednesday. Dec 15 is the last service of the semester.

Intersection Recap: Week 11

Speaker: Jay Leibold, Last year’s Youth Council President
Message in a sentence: Abide in Him. Remain, Stay, Dwell IN HIM! To reach our full potential that God has planned for us, we must abide in Jesus.
Main Passage: John 15:1-10
Music Setlist: So Good to Me, Our God, Jesus Paid it All
Attendance: Average
Service Length: 68 minutes

Element of Fun: We showed a funny music video about bromance, and played a game we haven’t played in a while called “Ask the Professor” where we get four people on stage and one by one, they answered the question, one word at a time. It can leads to some hilarious answers.

Favorite Moment: Getting to see my boy, Jay! I took Jay under my wing a couple of years ago and it makes my day whenever I get to see and visit with him. He has come so far in his walk with God. It brings me joy to see him allowing God to work in his heart.

Up Next: the Youth Minister, Randy Johnson on December 1

Intersection Recap: Week 10

Speaker: Tyler Greider, former youth
Message in a sentence: There are people in your life that you love, do you show them?
Main Passage: Not sure what to make of this, but he didn’t have any direct passage he pulled from. He alluded to a couple of verse but never used a passage.
Music Setlist: Open Skies, Wholly Yours, Let My Words be Few
Attendance: Above average
Service Length: 68 minutes

Element of Fun: Pre-Blessed Food. Great video. Some of these videos we have been finding have been great and the kids love them.

Favorite Moment: Tyler Greider is a unique personality. He’s loud, somewhat obnoxious, funny, he speaks his mind…. but the one thing that is Tyler, he is genuine. So when Tyler came to speak today one thing you know was going to happen is Tyler is going to be Tyler and he’s going to bring a new perspective to the table.

Up Next: Last year’s Youth Council President, Jay Leibold

Intersection Recap: Week 9

Speaker: David Scott
Message in a sentence: Where we stand is our mission field.
Main Passage: Matthew 5:13-15
Music Setlist: Blessed be the Name, All Creatures, Glory of it All
Attendance: below average
Service Length: 68 minutes

Element of Fun: We played the Ninja Game, tonight!

Favorite Moment: Afterwards, I went to Wendy’s down the street to hang out with some of our kid. It was great just sitting back, eating a frosty and having great conversation.

Up Next: Tyler Greider

note: I took off Understandable Message, due to the fact that I feel it is redundant with the Message in a sentence.

Intersection Recap: Week 8

Speaker: Bobby Davis
Message in a sentence: Forgive, forgive, forgive!
Main Passage: Matthew 6:14-15
Music Setlist: Hallelujah (You Love is Amazing), Rescue
Attendance: Average
Service Length: 72

Understandable Message: We need to forgive. Not just saying we forgive, but truly forgive the way God forgives. We need to forgive others outside the church the way God forgives, we need to forgive others inside the church, completely.

Element of Fun: We played a game today called Splat Bang. It is kind of hard to explain. But it is something that they love to play, they always get into it and want to win.

Favorite Moment: Due to Halloween being just around the corner, we showed a video with a clip from Scare Tactics called Rat Monster. It was hilarious to see how scared all the kids actually got at the “monster”

Up Next: David Scott of World Changers