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We all have a story to tell. Everyone.

We sometimes forget that. We don’t mean to, it’s just in our nature to be self-centred. When you walk into a coffee shop or restaurant, all those people are not just extras, background for your story. They each have a story to tell.

But as a Christian, there is another belief about stories I hold: That everyone’s story intersects with God’s story. God can speak into everyone’s story. It doesn’t matter where you’re from or what your story is.

As we live out the rhythms of our lives, we need to realise that everyone lives in the light of a larger story. We are not the centre of the universe, the world is not just the setting and background to our story. Our story is just one that is a part of the story God is trying to tell.


The word “rhythms” comes a Greek word that means “any regular recurring motion.” Most of the time, we associate this with music or dancing (especially when someone “lacks” rhythm), but we all have a rhythm or rhythms in which we live. Things that if we get in step with particular rhythms life seems to make sense, and when we get out of rhythm we find difficulty.

My new church here in England, OIKOS, has identified six rhythms which emphasize our values and identity. These six rhythms are the things we do to show who we are. We are not defined by these rhythms, rather these rhythms are ways we exhibit our identities in Christ.

The 6 rhythms are as follows:
1. Story-formed
2. Listen
3. Celebrate
4. Bless
5. Eat
6. Recreate

Now, I recognize that some of these make perfect sense as is and are easy to understand what they are and mean, there are others though that need a little extra explanation. And I understand that.

Hopefully going forward I can write up a little post and share what they are how they fit together and how I am doing with staying within these rhythms.

The hard part, though, isn’t understanding these rhythms. It’s figuring out how they would look like in your context, in your life. Though these are rhythms everyone can do, they can also look completely different for each person or context.

How I bless others can be completely different from how you bless others. How you celebrate can be completely different from how I celebrate. None of these ways are wrong, we just do them differently based on how God created and gifted each of us.

I look forward to writing more about this. Not just so I can share with all of you more about his, but also so I can work out how I can best live out these rhythms in my own life.