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Hopes, dreams and plans for the next 365 days

I’m not sure if I know where to begin.

New Year’s are interesting because I can be chance to start over. Something about a change in the calander give people the opportunity to start fresh. It gives them a chance to improve themselves. But for some reason or another, people pass up this wonderful opportunity.

So, to put it simply, I don’t want to waste this opportunity. I don’t want to be just like everyone else who gives up on his resolutions 2 weeks into the year. Tomorrow my resolutions will be posted and I hope that by putting it out there keeps me accountable and makes me live up to them.

So here’s to 2010. You were an interesting year.

And to 2011, Here’s to you being the beginning of the best year ever.

Happy New Year’s folks. I pray that you can live up to your hopes, dreams and plans for next year.

(Day 29)

This year, in great detail

Wow…. what a loaded challenge. I don’t think one blog post can do it justice. I found this blog post with seven questions to ask before the year ends. I think the easiest way to do this is to work through these questions myself.

On a scale of 1-10, how satisfied are you with 2010?
I would have to say I would give myself a 7.

Why did you answer that way?
Seems kind of low. But there was a lot that went on. Some good, some bad, and somethings I perceived as worse than they probably were. But overall I can describe this year in two words – frustrating and growth. This has been the most frustrating years of my life. I’ve been micromanaged to death, put in my place, and in my opinion not really appreciated. But through all that frustration has come growth.

What are your biggest accomplishments this year?
Truly discovering who I am, and the type of leader I can be. Going to England was an amazing experience for me. Don’t think i have every shared this with anyone, but in my devotional journal I keep, in the beginning of May (just around where most of my frustrations started) I wrote that I wanted to experience God again in the same way that I did 2 years earlier. But little did I know that I would have to become an emotional wreck before that could happen. I was more than ready for the trip to England, even if it was just an opportunity to get away from all my frustrations. But what God did during those two and a half weeks transformed me. I got what I asked for, God brightly shined His light on me and re-energized me. Through worship and me being able to actually disciple some guys, I got back in touch with my calling. For the first time in almost 4 months I felt like I was doing ministry.

Biggest lessons you learned this year?
Don’t be afraid of mistakes and failure…. it is the best way to learn, grow and succeed. That’s why it’s called trial and error. You’re not always going to get the right answer or be perfect, but as long as you are trying your hardest and doing your best, God will make your best, better.

How can you make 2011 the best year ever?
By stepping up. Stepping up for what I believe in. Stepping up and being the leader I know I am.

What habits do you want to cultivate?
Get rid of clutter. Watch less TV. Read more. Put away the phone in the car. Fall back in love with working out. Appreciate the little things more. Build deeper relationships. More on all these later, I have a blog post on this lined up on the New Years Day.

What are your immediate next steps to achieve them?
In the blog I linked to above, the writer points out – “It’s not just about writing, but about doing.” For me, the biggest step to take is to stop letting fear dictate my actions. Fear of mistakes, fear of criticism, fear of rejection.

(Day 28)
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This month, in great detail

December is always an interesting month. The first is my birthday and this one marks that last year that i will be in my 20s. But that is not what has made this month interesting.

I was stretched this month. My time, my mind, my stress, all pushed to it’s edge. I don’t ever throw around the word busy, if I say I am busy, I AM BUSY. (This is another blog for another time, but I hate the overused excuse of “I’m busy”) To start my crazy 2 and a half weeks- Our churches Christmas program was earlier in the month and with a week and a half of rehearsals that I had to be at and then the 3 shows themselves.

Right after that were finals. I had three that I had to do, all were exams that I had to write. Luckily, one was a take home but it took me a couple of days to complete. Then came two in-class essay finals that just about killed me. I had to study so much, just to get ready to write it all down in essay format.

Next was the move. Boooo! I hate moving, I seriously need to just get rid of stuff. I bought this book for my kindle called the 100 Thing Challenge where a man lived for one year where he only owned 100 things. I think I should consider doing the same thing. Anyways, it took me pretty much 2 full days to move. One day I moved for more than 15 hours straight!

Then came Christmas time, with all this going on- I totally forgot to go Christmas shopping. And with only 3 days left till Christmas! :o

Overall it was a busy month, but I grew. I stretched myself and realized that I am able to use all my time effectively, which is something that I’ve had trouble with. Nevertheless, it was a busy month. A little stressful, but a good month.

(Day 27)
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Your week, in great detail

Monday, 20: Hung out with some of the kids, it was the First day of Christmas break for them. In the morning we made a couple of videos for Intersection, we were only able to make one and a half because the batteries on the camera died, but it was fun just spending time with them. One day we will finish making the rest of the one we came up with. In the afternoon played some FIFA with ATQ and filled up the vending machines. After that went home and begun packing for the move.

Tuesday, 21: Moving Day #1. I have way too much stuff. Went from 8:30 in the morning to Midnight.

Wednesday, 22: Movers moved my furniture. Finished getting everything else out of the apartment. Went into work for the afternoon. Afterwards, met up with parents and we went to the old apartment to finish cleaning up so we can get the full deposit back. Then I spent the rest of the evening with my parents.

Thursday, 23: Had the day off, so I slept in until 10:30ish and began organizing the new apartment. I reiterate- I have too much stuff. Went to lunch at Fuzzy Taco with Dad. We sat next to a girl that talked the entire time about all the drama in her life, I think it would be more accurate to say she talked about all the drama she created for herself. We sort of made fun of her when we left. Finishing christmas shopping in the afternoon, it didn’t take as long as I thought it would. Went back home. Watched movies the rest of the day as I organized.

Friday, 24: Continued organizing in new apartment. Went to Chili’s for dunch (lunch meets dinner) with Pattersons. Went back home and just hung out with the family and Pattersons. Candlelight Christmas service. Christmas Lights. Muppet Christmas Carol. Wrapped presents. Went to bed.

Saturday, 25: Open Christmas presents. Joy, love, warmth, family. A Christmas Story. Ratatouille. Rib Roast Christmas dinner. Inception

Sunday, 26: Church- Central Service. Tron Legacy. Decent movie, I was worried it was going to be terrible- but it wasn’t. Jake’s Joint for burgers, as always it was delicious. Went to Best Buy to buy a new 32″ flat screen, it’s nice. Set up TV, works great.

(Day 26)
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Your day, in great detail

Alarm. Snooze. Alarm. Snooze. Alarm. Give up and get up. Bathroom. Pee. Toothbrush. Shower. Get dressed. Call Verizon. Target shopping. Discover better route from apartment to Target. Meet up with Micah and Emily. Amigos (yum). Ikea. Looked at couches. Couldn’t decide on a couch. Despicable Me. Xbox 360. Limbo. X-Men Arcade Game. Buffalo Wild Wings with Micah. Watch the Mavs at BWW. Barnes and Noble. back home. Organize. Wish I had internet. Check out random pics on computer. Xbox 360. Tiger Woods Golf. Listen to music on iPod. Blog. Now. Going to bed. Lights out. Lay in bed. Sleepy Time Playlist. Goodnight.

(Day 25)

Merry Christmas

We wish you a Merry Christmas
We wish you a Merry Christmas
We wish you a Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year!

I love this time of year. I love being with family, I love sharing time and memories with family and close friends and being able to unplug and relax for day or two.

I always have fond memories of Christmas day.

(Day 24)

Muppet Christmas Carol

So, I watched the Muppets Christmas Carol like I do every Christmas season and I came to an important conclusion. All movies would be better with muppets. Now true to the nature of muppet movies, the basic story stays the same but some of the major characters are just replaced with muppets.

Think about it:

Muppet Gump
Kermit telling his life story where he traveled around the world, met historical other muppets and experiencing events first hand that we couldn’t forget even if we tried.

The Muppet Fight Club
Not only is Ed Norton Crazy, but he’s been fighting against his split personality Gonzo the Great, Gonzo packs quite a punch.

The Full Muppet Jacket
Fozzie Bear stands in the bathroom in his underwear saying that “I am in a world of… Waka Waka” then blows stuffing all over the place

The Muppet Titanic
Dicaprio paints a picture of Miss Piggy naked. Haha, you don’t want that image stuck in your head.

The Sixth Muppet Sense
“I see dead muppets.”

Muppet Pulp Fiction
… well, I’ll Let you all use your imaginations on this one.

Like i said, all movies would be better with muppets.

(Day 23)