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Penny Lane

Recently James Cordon had Paul McCartney on his show during a segment he calls Carpool Karaoke. If you’ve never seen them before, James Cordon (a late night host) will get famous musicians to “carpool” with him and they sing songs and have some time to chat as well.

Most are pretty straightforward and exactly what you would think. But there are a few where the guest is great and has good conversation as well as have fun while singing with James. Adele is one of my favorites as she and James had some “quality banter.”

But then, James had the man himself. Paul McCartney. If you haven’t seen it, below the video is embedded.

Paul is such a good genuine man. But then there is the music. There is something special about The Beatles. Their songs transcend genre. Their songs transcend generations. The Beatles hit a chord in hearts of everyone who has listened to their music.

In addition, watching this and seeing the people who get the privilege to meet Sir Paul, you can see how he and his music has changed their lives. You can tell that when they listen to Sir Paul or the Beatles that they want to sing along, they are flooded with the good memories those songs come with.

Not sure what I wanted to say or convey in this blog post other than Paul McCartney is truly a special musician. I wanted to share this video and a few thoughts about it, but it’s hard to put how music affects your heart and soul into words.

Just read a few of the comments in this video. Seeing this video moved people to tears. People say they would sell their first born to be in that pub with Sir Paul. Music affects us in a way that nothing else can.

James, I know you’ll never read this (haha), but you never have to make another Carpool Karaoke again. This is the best one you’ll ever do and none will ever be as good as this one.