Recognize your good days

We will always have bad days. It’s a fact of life that we’re going to have them. Not everyday is bad though. Even when it seems that we are having a bad week, or bad month, or even bad year, not everyday is bad.

Unfortunately, what happens for most of us is we focus on the bad days too much! We dwell on them and fall into this spiral of doubt, helplessness, and frustration.

But not every day is bad. Did you have a day where you were with people you care about? Did you have a day where you laughed until your cheeks hurt?

I don’t want to dismiss the bad days and the hurt or sorrow you may feel in them, but instead to recognize that there is more power in the good days. I want you to realize that power of a good day can erase 100 bad days.

As long as there is tomorrow, as long as life goes on, there is hope for something better ahead for us. Despite all the bad days we may have, when we recognize the good days and celebrate them, life all of a sudden seems hopeful. Life begins to look brighter.

The Enemy sometimes has convinced us (even culture as a whole) to focus on the bad days, to focus on what brings us down instead of what lifts us or others up. He does this because he knows one good day can change everything.

Don’t let bad days take you hostage

Don’t let a bad yesterday ruin a good today.