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London Report

As some of you may or may not know, after the Minnis Bay mission, I had the opportunity to spend 3 additional weeks in England. This was something that I was not going to go by without making the most of it. Fortunately I was able to stay with a friend that I met at last year’s Minnis Bay, Fabian, that lives in East London and only a ten minute walk from a tube station that took me into Central London where all the big sites and tourist destinations were.

First off, there were- So. Many. People. I couldn’t believe how many people were walking around in London. It seemed like everywhere I went, there were tons and tons of people. But the funny think was, as crowded as it seemed, it never seemed like there wasn’t room to walk around. Nevertheless, being that it was holiday/vacation season in England, what else should I expect.

I planned out most of my time in London and really took the time to explore all the different landmarks and ended up seeing most of London. Fabian, the guy I was staying with, said that in those seven days I was in town I saw more of London than he had seen in his entire life.

Below is just a quick List of the amazing sites and landmarks I visited while I was in London:
1.) Big Ben Clocktower and House of Parliament
2.) Westminster Abbey
3.) London Eye
4.) Trafalgar Square
5.) Tower of London
6.) St. Paul’s Cathedral
7.) London Aquarium
8.) National Gallery
9.) Piccadilly Circus
10.) Leicester Square
11.) Abbey Road and Abbey Road Studios
12.) British Museum
13.) 10 Downing Street
14.) Winston Churchill’s Cabinet War Rooms
15.) Buckingham Palace
16.) National Maritime Museum
17.) Royal Observatory and the Prime Meridian
18.) O2 Arena
19.) Canary Wharf

I was so fortunate to be able to see all these things. There are a few things that I didn’t get go an see, but that just means that if I am able to come back on another holiday to London, I have some things that I haven’t seen that I can visit, and some of these sites were amazing and I would love to revisit.

The Big Ben clocktower, for example, never gets old. Walking Whitehall from the Houses of Parliament to Trafalgar Square is always fascinating. The National Gallery had on display some of the most amazing art I have EVER seen. Finally, sitting in on a service and wondering at the architecture of St. Paul’s Cathedral is humbling.

London was amazing and proved that it is one of the most cities in the world.


Day 17, LONDON!

WOW!! London was amazing! It was such a surreal experience. We took a train into town, then transferred onto a “Underground Tube” and our first steps out of “the Tube” was to the sight of Big Ben!! We came out right in the middle of Westminster. Right there by the station was Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, Westminster Bridge, and the London Eye.

The best word to describe I already used earlier, surreal. I’ve seen all these sites so many times on TV and in movies, then I arrive in London and see these in real life. I had this weird feeling like I have already been there and seen these things. It was amazing though to actually see those iconic sites.

We then made our way to Trafalgar Square, where we met up with a few of our friends that we met from Birchington. Then after a quick lunch, we used “the Tubes” to make our way to Brick Lane which had some interesting culture that some locals thought we might like to experience.

Then for the rest of the day, the group split into two groups. One group made it’s way to Buckingham Palace and the other group went to another part to do some shopping.

Overall, this was a fantastic experience, but we definitely left room for more to see. For myself, visits to Piccadilly Circus and Westminster Abbey and a ride on a Double Decker would have made my day. Even though we didn’t get to do those, that just means I have something new to experience if I ever come back to London. Tomorrow is our last day before leaving back for the States.