Fantasy Football


With the beginning of the NFL season coming tomorrow, for a lot of people, that also means the beginning of the Fantasy Football season. Now, I fancy myself a bit of a Fantasy Football Guru. Been playing for years and never went to more than than a year or two without winning a championship. Last year I played in three leagues, I won the championship in two and runner up in the third, only losing the championship game by less than 10 points.

I am in only two leagues this year. One in a 10-team league I am running, and the other in a 12-team league. These are also the two leagues I won last year, so of course I returned to defend my titles. I am also a pro on draft day and it’s honestly one of my favorite things about playing. I love preparing and this year I had a draft board 204 players deep.

My drafted squads this year:

Scum and Villainy
QB- Collin Kaepernick
RB- LeSean McCoy
RB- LeVon Bell
WR- Brandon Marshall
WR- Pierre Garcon
TE- Dennis Pitta
FLEX- Michael Floyd
D/ST- Seahawks
K- Mason Crosby

Bench- Danny Woodhead
Bench- Sammy Watkins
Bench- Phillip Rivers
Bench- Hakeem Nicks
Bench- Heath Miller
Bench- Markus Wheaton
Bench- Carlos Hyde

Insta Graham
QB- Cam Newton
RB- Jamaal Charles
RB- CJ Spiller
WR- Julio Jones
WR- Michael Floyd
TE- Julius Thomas
FLEX- Marques Colston
D/ST- 49ers
K- Robbie Gould

Bench- Danny Woodhead
Bench- Andy Dalton
Bench- Ladarius Green
Bench- Mike Evans
Bench- Markus Wheaton
Bench- Mike Tolbert
Bench- Dexter McCluston

How do you feel about your team this year? Have any draft day coups that you are proud of this year?