World Cup XI

About 3 years ago, I posted a list of players for my dream soccer team. Of course it’s horribly out of date as most of the players are in their mid-30s now. So, instead of a “dream team,” I’ll post my World Cup XI here the day before the final.

FW – James Rodriguez (Colombia)
FW – Thomas Muller (Germany)
MF – Paul Pogba (France)
MF – Arjen Robben (Netherlands)
MF – Xherdan Shaqiri (Swizerland)
MF – Javier Mascherano (Argentina)
DF – Thiago Silva (Brazil)
DF – Phillip Lamb (Germany)
DF – Jan Vertonghen (Belgium)
DF – Matt Hummels (Germany)
GK – Tim Howard (USA)

Honorable Mention
GK – Kaylor Navas (Costa Rica)
FW – Karim Benzema (France)
MD – Kyle Beckerman (USA)
DF – Mario Yepes (Colombia)


Yes… I am a Chelsea fan

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Die hard, in fact. I only became one recently however. As you may know, I made a trip to England this past summer. Prior to making this trip, the World Cup was coming up and like most Americans I was getting excited about it. But since I was making a trip to England, I decided I was going to get into soccer. But there was only one problem, I didn’t have a team. So I did what most 20-something guy would do if I wanted to learn more about something- I bought a video game.

FIFA 10 was a solid purchase. I started playing as most English Premier League (EPL) team in a search for the one that would become my team. It was tough. I ruled out Manchester United right off because I thought they were too much like the Yankees and the Lakers. So it eventually came down to a couple of squads in London- Chelsea, Tottenham, and Arsenal.

I remember quiet clearly what made up my mind- Chelsea was playing some no named team right after Easter and they demolished them 7-0. Then the next week, they shut out Liverpool. Then after that they beat senseless another team 8-0. It was decided. The Blues from West London were going to be my team. So, I was excited- they played in the FA Cup Final the next week and ended up winning it. I was ready for the new season to start, I started playing as them all the time on FIFA, and I was researching them on Wikipedia non-stop.

However, little did I know, Chelsea is not exactly a well liked team in England. In fact, unless someone is a fan of Chelsea, they are hated with a burning passion by the rest of the English soccer world. But, I stood my ground. Chelsea was my team and I wasn’t going to sell out.

Now here I am, a Chelsea fan. Usually standing by my team alone, but never giving up my support. There are 4 games left in the season and as much as all these Man Utd want to give me a hard time, I will believe my team is better than yours until the end of time.

“And it’s super Chelsea
Super Chelsea FC
We’re by far the greatest team
The world has ever seen”

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