Don’t let waiting get you down

Waiting is one of the hardest things to do. Especially when you feel called someplace or to do something. You just want to go and do it, you don’t want to wait.

But remember, God made people wait all the time:

Abraham waited 25 years.
Joseph waited 13 years.
Moses waited 40 years.
Jesus waited 30 years.

If God makes you wait, you are in good company.



I really feel like God has been teaching a lot about patience lately. Not only through this job search that taking excruciatingly long, but through some relationships in my life.

Patience is more than just being able to wait. Patience is a virtue, not waiting, yet we confuse the two. Patience is about finding that silver lining while we are waiting. It’s about learning that great things are worth waiting for. Patience is about slowing down life that tries to make you go a million miles an hour.

But more than that, I’ve realized that I’ve really discover the joy of patience paying off. The old cliche that “good things come to those who wait” is true.

So slow down and learn to be patient, the world looks different (more beautiful) to those who are patient, don’t you want to see what’s different