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Feeling doubt? Pray.
Sad? Pray.
Over thinking? Pray.
Giving up? Pray.
Hurting? Pray.
Depressed? Pray.
Struggling? Pray.
Worried? Pray.


Ministry is…

“Ministry is giving when you feel like keeping.
Praying for others when you need to be prayed for.
Feeding others when your own soul is hungry.
Living truth before people even when you can’t see the results
Hurting with other people even when your own hurt can’t be spoken.
Keeping your word even when it is not convenient.
Is being faithful when your flesh wants to run away”
-Author Unknown

Thankful for those who serve others. Your selflessness reflects Jesus.

England, Day 12

We’re keeping on going. From my perspective, this second week has been more of a test against exhaustion. The tempter has tried and use our tiredness against us and has tried to use it as a barrier against the work that is being done here in this community.

Today we had a worry about the weather, it was forecast to rain all afternoon and if was the case then the afternoon event was going to be canceled. But fortunately the rain held off until later in the evening. The Afternoon Extravaganza took place on the beach once again, it was an activity called the Sand Village where participants were broken up into teams and together they build a village out of the sand (think sand castle like structures).

Then in the evening we had events for each of the age groups once again. The Twigs (ages 5-7) had a fancy dress party, the Tramps (Ages 7-11) had a talent show that even the leaders in that group had a chance to participate, the Trogs (ages 12-14) had originally planned to do something on the beach but due to weather moved to the location of the morning club and just watched Up.

Continue to pray for us…. pray for energy, we are all feeling tired but there is still work to be done. Pray for health, many of us are still suffering from nagging illnesses. Pray that our community action is blessed and that we can make a positive impact through serving.