Frank Underwood and Jesus


A show I love and am currently binging on is House of Cards. Yes it’s dark and has very adult themes, but it is a show I can’t stop watching. Great writing. Great acting. Great cinematography. It’s such a well made show.

There was something that happened this season (no spoilers) where Frank decided he wanted to talk to the local Bishop in DC about Justice. The Bishop was written very well, his theology was very sound and he shared the gospel in a very real way, sharing that the two most important commandments – love God, and love others.

Then Frank asked for some privacy so he could “pray.” But he started at the statue of Jesus and said something that shocked me.

“If love is what you’re selling, then I’m not buying.”

A scary quote and shocking because that is something I never even considered people would feel. I guess I should feel fortunate enough that love is something that is valued by the people in my circle, but my heart hurts that they are so closed off. Not only to God, but to people.

I know that the Holy Spirit draws people near and some people are farther from God and have a longer journey, but to deny something that I believe in deeply ingrained in human nature is hard for me to grasp.

Honestly I haven’t fully collected my thoughts, this was something that really impacted me though and wanted to share. Do any of you have thought on how to share the gospel to people with hardened hearts like this? I’d love to hear what you have to say.

Go to shows for laughs


Greg the Bunny was a very short lived TV show on FOX that followed the lives of the cast and crew of a children’s show “Sweet Knuckle Junction.” It featured both humans and puppets! Yup, puppets. Tardy was my favorite.

Second is Dumb and Dumber. It is so silly and so stupid with a dash of slapstick, it will always make me laugh. In addition it is very quotable and I sometimes quote it in everyday life!

What is your go-to show when you want to laugh?

Happy Birthday Sesame Street

Today is the 43rd anniversary of the first episode of Sesame Street. I loved Sesame Street growing up and I love that it’s still going strong and one day I hope that my kids will grow up watching Sesame Street.

Thank you Sesame Street for being the greatest children’s show. EVER. Thank you for not only teaching children basic skills, but teaching good values, morals, and diversity. Thank for teaching children to be compassionate and learn to have healthy relationships. I would hate to see a world without Sesame Street.

I think J.D. from the TV show Scrubs put it best:
“In a way you can learn everything you need to know from watching it as a kid.
Like always play nice.
Always try your hardest.
And even, it’s okay to cry.”

Life is not like the sitcoms

I’ve been watching a couple of sitcoms on Netflix recently, Scrubs and How I Met Your Mother. Both are basically about relationships, friendship, and life in general. It’s a little interesting because the two shows have a lot in common. They are both narrated by the “main character” and oddly enough each story seems to have some kind of lesson that he reflects on at the end. But what gets to me as I finished watching the shows is how much the shows try and relate to real life, but upon closer examination, they aren’t like real life at all.

First they are all best friends and hang out almost every night for years and with all the life and job changes that occur in these shows, they all still find time to hang out all the time. They sometimes treat each other like garbage and rip each other’s hearts out, but in the end they are still close friends.

I guess what I’m getting to is too many people want life to be like the TV shows they watch, but problems aren’t always solved neatly, relationship can’t be repaired with one conversation (especially when trust is broken). Life takes more work, and the sooner we find out that life is not like the sitcoms, the sooner we can learn to engage in what life does have to offer. Don’t misunderstand me, I love watching sitcoms, but if life is lived right, it is way more interesting than any sitcom.

Favorite DS9 Episodes

I was disappointed on July 1 when Netflix released most Star Trek series to streaming. Actually, all of them except Deep Space Nine. Deep Space Nine wasn’t to be released until October 1. One my wonder why I was so disappointed. Simple- Deep Space Nine was different than every other Star Trek show that was released. Most Star Trek series are generally episodic and stand-alone where the status quo was returned to at the end of each episode. Deep Space Nine, however, was more serial in nature and really built on each episode. It really developed the characters and allowed them to become unique. At the same time, Deep Space Nine took risks and tried some creative ideas. Some of them didn’t work, but the ones that did were amazing, stimulating, and sometimes thought-provoking and inspiring.

Here are my 11 favorite episodes during the run of this series:

1.) The Search, Part 2 – The third and final episode in the introductory story arc with the Dominion.
2.) The Die is Cast – Interesting episode with a teaming up of the Tal-Shiar and Obsidian Order.
3.) The Visitor – One of the best episodes showing the relationship between Captain and Jake Sisko.
4.) Little Green Men – Sheer genius. Funny episode that plays on the Roswell incident, surprised this was the first time something like this was done.
5.) Hard Time – Interesting character episode with Chef O’Brien.
6.) Trials and Tribble-ations – A good episode integrating the DS9 stars with the Original Series.
7.) The Magnificent Ferengi – Ferengi make me laugh.
8.) Far Beyond the Stars –
9.) Inquisition – The introduction of the shadowy Section 31.
10.) It’s Only A Paper Moon – Nog lost a leg in an earlier episode, now he is in the process of psychologically rehabbing.
11.) Extreme Measures – The final episode with Section 31.

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